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Looking For Friends @ Live Journal.

A Friending Community.

Looking for Friends.
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Anybody , Moderated


Adding_Friends @ LiveJournal
Adding_friends is a live journal community, were you may find new friends or people that enjoy your company.  This community will allow you to tell the members a little about yourself.  Allow people to add you that seem interesting and encourage friendship.  Anyone is welcome to join, no matter race / age / sexual preference / etc. 
Rules @ Adding_Friends
Simple rules to follow that we will enforce. 
Don't be rude or disrespectful.
Keep Images bigger then 300x300 under a cut.
Don't be racist / sexist / etc.
Don't spam.  (Read more below)
Don't promote another community.
Harassment is forbidden.
Don't post personal information.  (Read more below)
Personal Information Rules @ Adding_Friends
Personal Information that you do not feel comfortable with is not enforced.  If you don't feel like saying your name, age, or even what your favorite hobby is then don't.  It's most defiantly not forced.  Their are two things that are forbidden due to protection we want to provide to our members.   And that is phone numbers; whether it be work, home, or cell we do not allow this.  And addresses; this includes work address, school, home, apartment, friends, etc.  This is a mainly to protect your privacy while here at adding_friends.
Spam Information @ Adding_Friends
Spam is almost always forbidden at many sites/communities.  We here at adding_friends do not allow spam.  It clutters the site up, and makes people want to leave and never come back.  What would we consider spam?  We would consider spam if you posted about something off topic, a different community, or posted about yourself more then once in one week.  We of course encourage posts but, once a week should be fine.  More then that can be considered spam to a point. Please, take your spam elsewhere as it is most defiantly not welcomed here.  And action will be taken.